Future Screenings (with links)



August 17 & 20


San Jose, CA   Worldcon76                 



September  11


San Francisco, CA  Astronomical Society of the Pacific



October 29


Waco, TX  Hippodrome Theater



November 3


Riverside, CA   University of California Riverside




Past Screenings





August 1-4


Long Beach, NY   Long Beach International Film Festival



July 20


San Diego, CA   Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival



July 5, 6 & 7


Tucson, AZ      Spacefest IX



June 23


Fremont, CA   Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum Benefit Screening


June 1 & 3  

Louisville, KY   Wonderfest USA


May 24'


Los Angeles, CA   International Space Development Conference



May 1 & 3 


Newport Beach, CA   Newport Beach Film Festival