From students to stargazers, the documentary Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future is captivating audiences across America. Here are just a few comments from Chesley's fans.

​​​Douglass Stewart and his collaborators have produced a meticulously researched documentary about Bonestell’s entire career with an emphasis on space art and its impact on the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo generation of science fiction readers, students, engineers, astronauts, other artists, citizens, and basically anyone interested in space exploration. The film is rich with interviews revealing Bonestell in his own words and as others knew him, and very high-resolution images of many, many of his works. It’s quite an inspiring and multifaceted tale that offers a fresh perspective on the beginnings of the Space Age.

- Dr. Valerie Neal

Dept. Chair and Curator, Space History Department, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

It’s a great film, and listeners, if you get a chance to see it, don’t pass it up. I promise you, it’ll probably be the best space-related film you’ve seen in a long, long time.

- Dr. David Livingston, from The Space Show ®
Founder and Host, The Space Show ®

I loved this film. As a kid, I grew up being profoundly inspired by Bonestell’s work, and that led me to go for a career in aerospace. We thought the world couldn’t possibly be as interesting as a Chesley Bonestell piece of art. And it turned out we were wrong. He was right. So much about who we are as an institution - JPL and NASA - is about trying to think about what the future is going to be. And that’s what Chesley Bonestell did for us in terms of inspiring us to be the engineers we’ve become. This film superbly reveals how much of an impact this man has had on the world.​​

- Robert Manning

Chief Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

That documentary should be in every library, every college, every high school, and every township, so that everyone knows Chesley Bonestell. I wish it were longer! I want everybody to know about Chesley and what an extraordinary artist he was!

- Michael Stein
Editor-in-chief and Publisher, Filmfax magazine

Here is a man who has taken us through the universe by squeezing oil paints out of tubes and creating vistas that showed the rest of us what the universe looked like.

- Arthur C. Clarke


Chesley was not only a visionary artist, but he led an extraordinary life. The film is amazing!

- Robert Friend

Chief Engineer, Boeing Phantom Works

I loved the intrinsic relationship of fine art and science that A Brush With The Future provided. Truly inspirational and exciting!

- Quigliey King

19-year-old student at the University of Vermont

I’m proud to have presented the Ohio premiere of Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future at the Cleveland Cinematheque. I enjoyed the film a lot and can wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow film buffs. I also learned a lot. Orson Welles is my favorite director, but until I saw Stewart’s movie, I did not know that Chesley Bonestell created the Xanadu castle for Citizen Kane!

- John Ewing

Director, The Cleveland Cinematheque

Judging by the applause and number of folks who came up to me afterward to tell me how much they enjoyed the film, I can certify that we had a success. One young artist friend of mine, whose arm I had twisted to attend, kept scribbling in the notebook he always carries with him...So captivated was he by [the] film and the life of Bonestell, that he was taking page after page of notes...I think that I counted about 13 pages of meticulous notes and quick sketches that he had made. He told me that the film and Bonestell were both a revelation as well as a new found source of inspiration to him.

- Darrell Heath

Outreach Coordinator, Central Arkansas Astronomical Society

​You've really made a great film! The audience turnout was larger than what we usually get. We're so fortunate to have had the opportunity to show it here at the Museum of Flight.

- Cale Wilcox

Public Events Manager, Museum of Flight in Seattle

​This film has been shown at two International Space Development Conferences - the first in Los Angeles in 2018 and then in Washington D.C. in 2019. It's never failed to wow and amaze. It's a nice break for the attendees who like it because of the fascinating connection between Bonestell's art and our space program.

- Aggie Kobrin

Founder & Director, CEC Global Events

We were honored to have a very special screening of Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With The Future as part of our Apollopalooza celebration of the Apollo Lunar Missions. The film was a hit with our audience (and our staff!) There was even a couple from Arizona who drove over 600 miles to see the film. Museum curators and programmers should take note!

- Matthew Burchette

​Curator, Wings Over the Rockies Museum

I've seen many, many documentaries, but this is the best one I've ever seen. I learned so much that I didn't know at all.

- Bob Burns

Film Historian and Curator

This fascinating documentary superbly shows how important art and science are to each other and very much compliments what STEAM is all about. Educators will find this inspiring story about Chesley Bonestell an excellent way to show students how they too, can positively impact the future by following their passion.

– Holly Melear

CEO & Founder of STEAMSPACE Education Outreach®

​“Those who know of Chesley Bonestell recognize that he was a man of ambitious vision; and those who have yet to hear about him will be surprised to find the reaches of his influence in popular culture. This documentary sheds light on a fascinating individual whose extraordinary talent reached beyond the stars to ignite our imaginations."

- Scott Mitchell

Planetarium Director, Orange Coast College

What a wonderful event! The film was incredible and the Q&A and discussion was very interesting. I heard a lot of positive comments afterwards. It was a home run! Thank you for coming to [Kansas City] to show your film.

- Eric Ward

Vice President for Public Programs, Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology